MadeWest, Six Years Later

This past weekend (February 26, 2022), SCCBB and his partner in crime, Eleanor, visited MadeWest's newish Ventura Pier location for the first time. Other key members of their Covid Social Pod visit regularly, and the pictures they post to their Instagram feeds are always stunning. Santa Cruz Island is in the backdrop to this Pacific … Continue reading MadeWest, Six Years Later

SCCBB Archives-Ladyface Ales

Beer, Subjectivity, and Objectivity Cheesebro/Palo Comado Canyon, Photo courtesy of NPS Volunteer Photographer Connar L'Ecuyer Post originally published 9/21/2011 by C. C. Hansen Sometimes it's where you drink the beer, who you're with, and what the general mood of the day might be. Sometimes, the beer is good, no matter WHERE you drink it, who you're … Continue reading SCCBB Archives-Ladyface Ales