Shaking Things Up at Pacific Plate

by BrewHead Ted

Pacific Plate’s Black Widow Black IPA – delicious, and thankfully, perfectly harmless.

Yesterday (March 12, 2022), I ventured back to a local gem I’d discovered a while back: Pacific Plate Brewing Company, in Monrovia, CA. For those who, like me, are in the Pasadena area, it’s just a short ride on the Gold Line and a short walk from there.

I discovered Pacific Plate in 2016, shortly after the Gold Line extension to Azusa opened, but a few years after the brewery opened. Per their website, Pacific Plate is Monrovia’s first independently-owned craft brewery, and they’ve been pumping out beers since 2012. My inaugural ride on the extension took me to several great venues for dining, shopping, and sightseeing, but finding a great place to enjoy a beer was a top priority, and find it I did.

When I first visited Pacific Plate, and on several subsequent visits, their taproom – a small but warm space – was decorated with whimsical, fun paintings of different movie characters in classic poses, with the addition of a beer in their hand. Being the Star Wars fan that I am, perhaps my favorite portrait was that of Yoda. I’d like to think that, like me, an IPA fan he is.

When visiting the brewery yesterday, I found that the taproom had moved across the parking lot. As for the interior of the new place: Gone was the painting of Yoda, along with the other paintings I’d remembered from previous visits. But the space definitely has the same fun, funky vibe that I’d remembered. In place of those paintings, they now have characters and designs crafted from Post-Its, along the walls. I wouldn’t wager a beer on this, but I believe some of these characters are from Minecraft. (Unlike Star Wars and beer, video games aren’t really my thing.) I miss seeing the great, green Jedi Master enjoying his beer, but I still appreciate the fun, relaxed feel of the place. In one corner, there were chairs that almost looked like they could be at home in some long ago, faraway castle. Seeing this made me wonder, what would Ned Stark be drinking? (Perhaps I wouldn’t want to know, as it’d most likely be poisoned…)

A game and thrones: Sports on the big screen, with seating options catering to peasants and kings alike.

The beer I enjoyed yesterday was Pacific Plate’s Black Widow Imperial/Double Black IPA. Also on tap were their Mango IPA, and the Pangolin Defender, a California Common. One of these days, I’ll need to give up my hoppy ways, and indulge my sweet tooth, with Pacific Plate’s Horchata Stout. Alas, after the Black Widow’s strong bite of 8.0% ABV, I was done for the day.

There is always next time, though, isn’t there? Until then…cheers!

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