About Us

Collectively, we’ve been drinking beer, covering beer developments, and expanding our beer horizons for too many years to admit out loud.

We come from backgrounds as writers, brewers, connoisseurs, and business professionals.

We hope to stimulate not only our palates but expand our knowledge and foster a lively discussion around the subject we’re all passionate about: beer!

BeachRock Bill (Contributing Editor) is a fan of all things craft beer. He has been brewing his BeachRock Beer at his home in San Diego for the past 15 years, To help him consume all his delicious beer, Bill regularly transforms his garage into a quasi-legal neighborhood taproom he calls The Gas Station. Retired from the investment business, Bill spends his free time surfing and traveling to breweries around the country. He is currently working as a Beertender at Westbrew Brewery’s tasting room in Del Mar, California.

BrewHead Ted (Contributing Editor) is based in South Pasadena, CA, where he enjoys all things hoppy. And by ‘all things,’ he means beer. He is an accounting specialist at the law firm of Quinn Emanuel, with a B.A. in French Studies from Pitzer College. He enjoys writing, travel, photography, and the pursuit of great new brews.

Eleanorjulieanne (Contributing Editor). An artist, writer, empath, and family systems specialist, Eleanor likes hazy IPAs, kayaking, boogie-boarding, and long walks on the beach.

C. C. Hansen (Editor, Site Administrator) is a Southern California-based writer, translator, and communications professional. He has worked in publishing, health care, law, and education and currently serves as a senior lecturer in business communication at the University of Southern California. A well-made pilsner, bock, or wild-fermented brew excites him as much as a good stout, a proper West Coast IPA, or all the shades of hazy. So do cedar waxwings, pre-Columbian anthropology, and a good international mystery novel.