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By C. C. Hansen

Two standouts from the SCCB’s tasting of ALL the brews in the lineup above were Bubblehead Blood Orange Pale Ale, which was like a fruit punch in beer form, and Dirty Diver Double IPA, which was smooth like butter. We’ve tasted nothing else like it.

In 2010, I had a gig with the now-defunct online news site,, as the “Ventura Craft Beer Examiner.” As became increasingly ad-heavy (with BAD ads, at that), I transitioned to my own site, the SoCal Craft Beer Blog. Throughout 2010, 2011, and 2012, I had the privilege to interview brewers and brewpub managers and servers at some of the most iconic places in California, from Russian River to Lagunitas in the north to Ladyface, Eagle Rock, Lost Abbey, and Stone further south.

I kept renewing the URL for the blog, and occasionally posted about interesting discoveries, including three Ventura craft breweries that continue to this day: Poseidon, MadeWest, and Topa Topa. Click the links below to read about them when they were just tadpoles in the giant craft beer pond.

Poseidon Brewing Company

The former Ventura Craft Beer Examiner (VCBE) — now the So Cal Craft Beer Blogger — recently spent a lovely weekend in Ventura drinking fresh new Ventura Craft Beer. This is the first of three posts.



The aesthetic at Made West, located at 1744 Donlon Street in Ventura, is decidedly “industrial.” With beers named “Standard,” “Pale,” “IPA,” and “Classic,” the emphasis is on the beer, not the marketing.


Topa Topa

Located at 104 Thompson Blvd in Ventura and founded just over a year ago in June 2015, Topa Topa is the brewery closest to Anacapa, the only legitimate craft brewery the VCBE discovered during his heyday, back in 2010. Which is not the same as saying it was the only brewery in existence in Ventura at the time, nor that Anacapa is legitimate today.


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