Learning About Craft Beer Brewing with Master Brewer Don Barkley by C. C. Hansen Don Barkley in 2010 at Napa Smith Brewery. Though this article was originally published in the now-defunct in 2010, the SoCal Craft Beer Blogger (SCCBB) was inspired to re-post it to the old SCCBB site after hearing a piece that … Continue reading SCCBB ARCHIVES – Napa Smith

SCCBB Archives – Sierra Nevada

by C. C. Hansen (formerly the Ventura Craft Beer Examiner) Part of a series on Northern California brewers and breweries.Originally posted as "docking with the California craft beer mothership" on the now-defunct in May 2010. According to, "An American craft brewer is small, independent, and traditional." The limit on "small" is less than two … Continue reading SCCBB Archives – Sierra Nevada

SCCBB Archives-Anacapa

by C. C. Hansen (aka the Ventura Craft Beer Examiner, back in the day) In 2010, I had a gig with the now-defunct online news site,, as the “Ventura Craft Beer Examiner.” Throughout 2010, 2011, and 2012, I had the privilege to interview brewers and brewpub managers and servers all over the Golden State of … Continue reading SCCBB Archives-Anacapa

SCCBB Archives-Ladyface Ales

Beer, Subjectivity, and Objectivity Cheesebro/Palo Comado Canyon, Photo courtesy of NPS Volunteer Photographer Connar L'Ecuyer Post originally published 9/21/2011 by C. C. Hansen Sometimes it's where you drink the beer, who you're with, and what the general mood of the day might be. Sometimes, the beer is good, no matter WHERE you drink it, who you're … Continue reading SCCBB Archives-Ladyface Ales