We’re Tasting at We’re Pouring

by Guest Blogger Eleanor

“It’s either We’re Pouring and they’re cooking or I’m pouring and you’re cooking,” Chauncey, SCCBB’s blogger-in-chief, said to me on a recent Tuesday night.

“Easy choice,” I said, putting on a navy fleece over my Hill Farmstead t-shirt and heading out the door before Chauncey could change his mind.  

We’re Pouring in Glendale is a reliable brewpub in a quiet part of a city best known for that dazzling duo–the Galleria and the Americana. Chauncey and I took the last open picnic table under the white tent set up in the parking lot during the Covid era and perused the beer choices. The pub’s offerings represent many of California’s best breweries, including Russian River, Bottle Logic, and Mumford, and change often, so even if you visit on a regular basis, you’re sure to find something you’ve never tried before on the board. 

“Even if you visit on a regular basis, you’re sure to find something you’ve never tried before on the board.”

On Your Marks

On the left, Russian River Brewing’s “STS Pils.”
On the right, Riip Beer Company’s “Citradical” hazy pale ale.

Chauncey started with STS, a pilsner from Russian River, which was the best beer of the night as far as I’m concerned. Perfectly carbonated, refreshing, and hop tasty without any bitterness. I had Citradical, a hazy pale ale from Sunset Beach-based Riip, which was juicy with a hop forwardness that was too strong for my liking. Chauncey liked it, though, and commented that there was a bit of grey flannel to the mouth feel. That’s Chauncey for you.

Get Set

On the left “The Frais” from Oregon’s De Garde Brewing.
On the right Mumford’s “Projection Circuit.”

The next two beers were disappointments for both of us. I got a hazy IPA called “Projection Circuit” from Mumford Brewing which had a minty almost medicinal flavor I couldn’t manage to wrap my taste buds around. Chauncey ordered a 24-month oak-aged dry-hopped sour named “The Frais” from De Garde Brewing, a Tillamook, Oregon brewery which, in 2016, won fifth best brewery in the world from RateBeer. Not with those suds. Chauncey said it tasted like lion piss, not cat piss (one of the known scent profiles, along with grapefruit, pine, floral, tropical fruit, and others).


On the left Lost Abbey’s “Lost and Found.”
On the right “Rolling Black Out” from Mumford Brewing.

Without finishing either the minty hazy or the lion piss sour, we went for two beers we assumed would heal our palates–Lost Abbey’s “Lost and Found,” a Belgian Dubbel, and Mumford’s “Rolling Black Out,” a vanilla coffee stout. We fought over the stout and tolerated the Dubbel, which was sweeter than expected with a heavy cherry aspect, reminiscent of Dr. Pepper.

Despite the fact that out of six beers we only found three we would have again–STS, Citradical and Rolling Black Out–it was a great night to be out at a favorite haunt with my main man. These are some tough times, and hanging out with someone I love while checking out the artistic creations of the incredible brewers out there is a balm to the soul!

Balm to the soul…

Thank you, We’re Pouring, for hanging in there and providing us with such a broad sampling of what California brewers (and select others) have to offer.


–Guest Blogger Eleanor

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