Lincoln Beer Company

A President’s Day Celebration

by C. C. Hansen

Left to right: “1861” (Crafted Lager), “Mosaic” (Pilsner), “Subtle Smurk” (Hazy IPA), and “Railsplitter” (Red Ale) Photo by Boss Blogger 93 KHJ

Recently, SCCB Bloggers Chauncey, Eleanor, 93 KHJ, and special guest, Isabella, stormed the castle that is home to the Lincoln Beer Company brewpub. Chauncey had recently written about the LBC’s “Railsplitter” red ale, which won silver at the most recent Great American Beer Festival (GABF). After reading the post, Boss Blogger 93 KHJ insisted that a trip to the taproom was in order. She’d been before and vouched for the worthiness of the ambience and offerings.

What 93 KHJ failed to mention were the artistic renderings of our 16th President, aka Honest Abe, the Rail-Splitter, and the Great Emancipator. The most eye-catching has to be the one of Mr. Lincoln imagined as a centerfold.

Photo by Boss Blogger 93 KHJ

The award for most whimsical has to go to the rendition of our log-cabin-born author of the Gettysburg Address as a character on The Simpsons.

We were unable to identify the artists behind these two renderings by press time. Nor were we able to confirm the back story that we believe explains The Simpsons version of our only President to hold a patent (a buoy that lifts riverboats over shoals).

You see, way back in November 2018, The Simpsons threw a Duff Beef Pop-Up at Lincoln Beer Company. Simpsons fans know that Duff Beer (a fictional brand) is Homer’s beverage of choice. A version of it is served at Universal’s Florida and Hollywood locations. But we believe that Lincoln Beer brewed a version for the one-day pop-up, and as thanks, we imagine that a Simpsons cartoonist created this portrait.

But this is a beer blog, not a pop-culture, pop-up blog, so let’s get a closer look at the standouts at Lincoln the night the SCCBB took Lincoln by storm.

Eleanor went straight to a pint of Railsplitter on tap and was not disappointed. True to form, the red-tinged dark brew was malty, with toasty-roasted notes, a kiss of sweetness, and a clean finish.

Boss Blogger 93 KHJ went with the flight pictured above. No one remembers anything distinctive about the 1861 crafted lager, but the Mosaic pilsner was a treat if the crisp, crushable style is your thing. Brewed with a single hop boasting many dimensions, you might catch notes of pine, tropical fruit, or even bubblegum on your palate. You could also be reassured by the fact that the judges at the 2022 World Beer Cup also seemed to have a thing for Mosaic, awarding it a silver medal.

Subtle Smurk was a worthy Hazy IPA, coming in at 7.5% alcohol by volume (ABV).

Chauncey’s flight included Vic Secret pilsner, which you might think has something to do with a lingerie brand. Actually, it is so-named because of the Australian hop called Vic Secret. Okay, probably there’s a sly nod to the lingerie brand since this hop wasn’t introduced commercially until 2013. According to Yakima Valley Hops, Vic Secret “hails from the same Australian and U.K. roots of her sister Topaz™,” with “Big pineapple and refreshing pine flavors.” Interesting, because on the Lincoln Beer Menu, she’s described as “Galaxy’s little brother, [but] slightly mellower in fruitiness with a bit of sweet mint.” Hmmm. I mean, “Mm-mm.” Hollywood Way was an unremarkable but drinkable West Coast IPA. Unfortunately, the information on the Hazy IPA in this flight is lost to posterity, which is too bad, because the consensus was that this was the better Hazy. Darn! And the Stout was great, but details have also been lost in the mists of time or unrecognizable notes on a cocktail napkin?

Photo by Isabella

That’s all okay because by far the star of the night was the Mango Fiesta smoothie ale that Isabella ordered. According to the LBC website, MF is, “a smoothie-style ale with copious amounts of puréed mango and a dash of habanero for the slightest of kicks. Pleasant sweet, subtle heat, super juicy, and surprisingly balanced. Try it, fall in love, repeat!”

Isabella’s assessment: “Not only was this Mango Fiesta a party of citrus, spices, and American royalty for the mouth…It paired perfectly with the ‘nude Lincoln on a couch’ in the form of a wall mural. Overall: a 10/10 experience in both flavor and history.”

And on that note, we here at the So Cal Craft Beer Blog wish you a fun, safe, and delicious President’s Day Weekend.


— Chauncey B, the So Cal Craft Beer Blogger

Instagram: @socalcraftbeer

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