Kings and Convicts Closing San Diego Taproom, and Brewery

by BeachRock Bill

King’s and Convicts tap room- Feb 2022 and Feb 2023

Kings & Convicts Brewing has chosen to vacate its Miramar production facility and Leucadia tap room. Acquired in 2022 from Molson-Coors, the former St. Archer brewery and tap room spaces were immediately re-branded as Kings & Convicts. The initial plan appeared to be operating the new San Diego K&C brand simultaneously alongside its more notorious 2019 acquisition, Ballast Point. Needless to say, after just one short year, that strategy has changed.

In a press release, the company says it will focus on its “core strengths: distribution network, and network of existing Ballast Point taprooms.” The press release goes on to state that the company will continue to produce and promote the Kings & Convicts portfolio. What is not clear is whether K&C beer will be produced here in San Diego by Ballast Point, or the original Chicago-land brewery.

Hell, there’s a lot not clear at this point, and it will be interesting to see how everything shakes out going forward.

As for Ballast’s Point’s future, the sprawling brewhouse and restaurant space is always crowded, and Ballast Point beers continue to be readily available at retailers everywhere so I’m guessing the Miramar Brand will continue business as usual.

Having met and spent time with Kings and Convicts co-owner and CEO Brendan Watters at an event I hosted at Westbrew last year, his passion for beer is as obvious as his love for San Diego. Moving with his family from Chicago after the Ballast Point acquisition, he described his new home (in his big Aussie accent) this way “I love San Diego–where else can you go diving right in off the beach, and grab as many big spiny’s as you can hold?” Mr. Watters is a great addition to the San Diego Beer scene, and we wish him and his team the best as they manage their recent large San Diego-based acquisitions.

San Diego’s #42 and Brendan Watters enjoying Westbrew Beer

Good-Bye Kings & Convicts. Hello Duckfoot!

As for the now-vacated Leucadia tasting room? Duckfoot Brewing, whose Miramar brewery is just a stone’s throw from Ballast Point, will be taking over the space after some minor renovation (and major City of Encinitas red tape to navigate).

Duckfoot was an early adopter of adding gluten-reducing enzymes during the beer-making process, and is a must-visit for anyone looking to enjoy delicious gluten-reduced beer. They will be extremely welcome in the area, and we can’t wait to visit as soon as they open.

That’s all for now, stay tuned for my next post on Pure Project’s 7th Anniversary Party.


BeachRock Bill

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