New Kid on the Block

All of us at the SoCal Craft Beer Blog are fans of Paperback Brewing, which is kind of the newest big kid on the craft brewery block in Los Angeles. The Bunny With a Chainsaw image currently featured on the site (and this post) was taken by BeachRock Bill. TedC79 says, “I *love* Paperback – both the beer AND the can art! I’ve got emptied cans of Bunny with a Chainsaw and Attack of the Space Cats! proudly displayed on my bookshelf.” He frequently posts an image of the latest Paperback discovery on Instagram.

SCCBB heard about Paperback from a friend of a friend and recently paid the brewpub a visit. It’s on the same short block in Glendale as Glendale Tap and opened in 2020. The quonset hut/ airplane hangar structure is unique and wonderful. During “these unusual times,*” it was reassuring that the brewpub was open only to the vaccinated, who had to show their proof in addition to ID.

Not long after imbibing such offerings as “Tucked In by Strangers” (West Coast IPA, Mosaic hops), “Communist Poodles from Connecticut (American Stout), “Satan Wears Pajamas” (Red Ale), and “What the Fuck!?!” (DIPA Azacca, El Dorado, and Mosaic hops), the SCCBB was shocked to find a few of Paperback’s 16oz four-packs (the aforementioned “Bunny” as well as “Under Pressure” pale ale) on the shelves of local Trader Joe’s.

Will wonders never cease?

*”In these unusual times” is a phrase used by Torsten Hagen, founder and chairman of Viking Cruises, in a commercial that precedes certain PBS Masterpiece Theater series.

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