GABF 2022 Medal Winners

Southern California Breweries dominate at this year's Great American Beer Festival by BeachRock Bill and the SCCB Blogger Around the same time Munich's Oktoberfest is being held, here in the States there is a pretty impressive celebration of beer as well--the annual Great American Beer Festival weekend in Denver, Colorado--this year was the 40th Annual GABF. … Continue reading GABF 2022 Medal Winners

Hazy September-Part 4

The Haze Fades Into the Sunset by SCCB Blogger Welcome to our fourth and final Hazy September post. To recap, we started with BeachRock Bill's perspective and selections. He gave us his homebrewer's-eye-view of the key factors involved in producing the brew, including the pH or acidity level of your water (hazys have a lower … Continue reading Hazy September-Part 4

Lions and Tigers and Beers, Oh My!

by Brewhead Ted Whew! I successfully managed to guard my pint of Nix Pale Ale from (the painting of) the Kraken, during my visit to Ogopogo Brewing... The other day, I returned to my hometown of San Gabriel to revisit one of my favorite--if not my absolute favorite--breweries: Ogopogo Brewing. Founded in 2018 as the … Continue reading Lions and Tigers and Beers, Oh My!