Sour Beer Genies

Jester King

The Education of the SCCBB Atrial Rubicite from Jester King Brewery in Austin, Texas I suppose it was inevitable that I would fall for sour beer. From a very early age, my palate craved sweet and sour things, whether they were Fanning's Bread and Butter pickles, or honest-to-god kosher dills from Carnegie Deli in New … Continue reading Sour Beer Genies

We’re Tasting at We’re Pouring

by Guest Blogger Eleanor “It’s either We’re Pouring and they’re cooking or I’m pouring and you’re cooking,” Chauncey, SCCBB’s blogger-in-chief, said to me on a recent Tuesday night. “Easy choice,” I said, putting on a navy fleece over my Hill Farmstead t-shirt and heading out the door before Chauncey could change his mind.   We’re … Continue reading We’re Tasting at We’re Pouring

Deluxe 1717’s New Liquor License

by C. C. Hansen Leek and asparagus terrine: goat & cream cheese, tarragon & dill, coriander & fennel seeds, and local mixed greens. Sublime! Because my daughter Isabella has worked on occasion with culinary artists, I've had the privilege not only to occasionally enjoy divine gastronomic creations and make the acquaintance of rockstar restaurateurs but … Continue reading Deluxe 1717’s New Liquor License

Lions and Tigers and Beers, Oh My!

by Brewhead Ted Whew! I successfully managed to guard my pint of Nix Pale Ale from (the painting of) the Kraken, during my visit to Ogopogo Brewing... The other day, I returned to my hometown of San Gabriel to revisit one of my favorite--if not my absolute favorite--breweries: Ogopogo Brewing. Founded in 2018 as the … Continue reading Lions and Tigers and Beers, Oh My!

Shaking Things Up at Pacific Plate

by BrewHead Ted Pacific Plate's Black Widow Black IPA - delicious, and thankfully, perfectly harmless. Yesterday (March 12, 2022), I ventured back to a local gem I'd discovered a while back: Pacific Plate Brewing Company, in Monrovia, CA. For those who, like me, are in the Pasadena area, it's just a short ride on the … Continue reading Shaking Things Up at Pacific Plate

SCCBB Archives-Ladyface Ales

Beer, Subjectivity, and Objectivity Cheesebro/Palo Comado Canyon, Photo courtesy of NPS Volunteer Photographer Connar L'Ecuyer Post originally published 9/21/2011 by C. C. Hansen Sometimes it's where you drink the beer, who you're with, and what the general mood of the day might be. Sometimes, the beer is good, no matter WHERE you drink it, who you're … Continue reading SCCBB Archives-Ladyface Ales