NEWSFLASH: Modern Times

The SoCal Craft Beer Blog learned today that San Diego-based brewery Modern Times, which has been struggling financially as a result of possible over-expansion and the pandemic, will likely go into receivership. Meaning, the brewery’s senior lender, California Bank & Trust, will likely sell the company.

The information was first posted by Modern Times CEO, Jennifer Briggs, in a blog on the company’s website. You can read the post HERE.

Mike Freeman of the San Diego Union-Tribune wrote about the sale yesterday, April 7, 2022, in an article titled, “”Legal Action May Force Sale of Brewer Modern Times.”

SCCBB’s BeachRock Bill says, “I imagine someone will take it over from the bank at a discount. Probably a number around what the equipment is worth. Sad. They were our favorite brewery for a time.”

Partner in Crime & Guest Blogger Eleanor and Yours Truly almost always had a four-pack of tall-boys from Modern Times in our fridge. Our favorite was definitely “Critical Band,” a juicy, tropical IPA.

Friend of the SCCBB, NorCal Homebrewer Sir Ted Andersen, was the first person to alert us in September 2017 of Critical Band’s imminent can release. In an email whose subject was “worthiness” (a patented “Sir Ted tagline”), he declared Critical Band “amazing, indeed, Vermontesque.” High praise, indeed, from a man who bought a summer home as close to Vermont’s Hill Farmstead Ales as he could find one…

The demise of Modern Times would be a major blow to craft beer fans everywhere. We’ll keep you posted and update this space as our intrepid BeachRock Bill gleans more information in the days ahead.

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